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PC board heatsinks

For withdrawing heat from the electronic components of a PC board, Fischer Elektronik has developed a line of heatsinks with dimensions which are suitable for the current formats of circuit boards. Suitable heatsinks are available for PC board sizes 3U and 6U as well as for depths of 100, 160 and 220 mm. They are fastened to the PC board either directly or using spacers or they are provided with a front plate and directly inserted as a 19" insert in 19" subracks.

With a maximum overall height of 15 mm, the heatsinks have a very compact design and allow optimum free convection. They may be ordered as single components or in combination with a partial front panel.

In order to meet customers' requirements, the heatsinks are also manufactured to special dimensions and custom made designs, i.e. with drilled holes, threads, milled areas etc., with special surface textures and printings. Our product specialists will be please to give you additional information and advice.