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The leading manufacturer of heatsinks, thermal conductive materials, cases and connectors.
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We see quality policy as a constant obligation to our customers


Quality is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers and is the most important prerequisite for the economic success of our company.


We want to incorporate our high quality standard into all of our thoughts and actions by:


  • recognize, record, implement and fulfill customer requirements in an optimal way

  • apply all necessary and available methods to ensure quality in all of our business processes

  • integrate our quality management and quality assurance system into all processes and continuously improve them in order to meet a high degree of customer requirements

  • constantly improve the quality of communication and cooperation

  • deliver products to our customers exactly according to specification, reasonably priced and at the requested time


It is the task of our employees to internalize these principles and to act accordingly in the interests of customers and their own company.

Fischer Elektronik's environmental and quality policy

We have made the satisfaction of our customers, the protection of our environment and human health to our top priority. These are the most important prerequisites for the economic success of our company.


For this purpose, the management created the following principles:

Principle 1: Goal

It is our goal to manufacture safe products of high quality using economical production processes and to market them successfully in competition. In this way we want to ensure that customer requirements are identified, recorded and met in an optimal way. The economic benefit must not have priority over human health and safety or the protection of the environment. 

Principle 2: Responsibility

Our corporate responsibility includes preventing accidents, protecting against occupational diseases, designing workplaces in a humane manner, developing safe-to-use products, using all resources economically and largely avoiding environmental pollution. It is the task of our employees to internalize these principles and to act accordingly in the interests of the customers and their own company.

Principle 3: Leadership

Occupational health and safety and environmental protection are management tasks for us. The superiors play an important role model function. The responsibility begins with the management of our organization. The management takes special responsibility for the implementation of our environmental and quality guidelines and ensures that they are implemented at all levels of the company. 

Principle 4: Training and motivation

Training and motivational measures for our employees include occupational safety and environmental protection as an integral part. In particular, functionaries in environmental protection are subject to regular qualification. Through constant application and training of the methods for ensuring quality, communication and cooperation are constantly improved.

Principle 5: Environmental impact

We take environmental compatibility into account when developing products and processes. The environmental impact of our activities is registered, assessed and reduced to a minimum in a continuous improvement process. We are guided by the best available technologies while maintaining economic viability. Compliance with legal requirements is a minimum criterion in addition to our customer requirements. 

Principle 6: Emergency organization

We are committed to avoiding accidents or abnormal operating conditions that harm people and the environment by using suitable safety devices and organizational measures. For this purpose, emergency plans are kept up to date in order to keep accident-related emissions to a minimum.

Principle 7: Control and corrective actions

The effectiveness of our policy, programs and management systems as well as the technical processes respectively environmental impacts are subject to ongoing monitoring, which is supplemented by regular audits. In the event of discrepancies between the target and the actual situation, the responsible people are required to take suitable corrective measures. This ensures that continuous improvement is achieved in all areas.

Principle 8: Prevention for health

When designing workplaces in the company and in the office buildings, we want to consider the physical, mental and social well-being of our employees in addition to technical and economic requirements.

Principle 9: Suppliers and service providers

We are responsible for the entire supply chain for manufacturing our products. When we use services from other companies, we convince ourselves of the expertise, reliability and legal conformity of our partners. In particular, we involve our suppliers and service providers in our environmental efforts. Precautions are taken to ensure that contractual partners working on the premises comply with the same environmental standards as our organization.


Principle 10: Information policy

We are committed to an open dialogue with employees as well as the authorities and the public in order to achieve improvements and to strengthen trust in our responsible actions.