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Information security policy of Fischer Elektronik

Information security is of fundamental importance to us. It makes a significant contribution to the trusting cooperation with our business partners as well as all interested parties and helps to ensure the continued success of the company.

All employees are absolutely aware of the need to carry out their daily tasks in terms of information security. In order to ensure this, the continuous sensitization and qualification of all employees takes place.

For this purpose, the management created the following compliance guidelines, which are based on the requirements for an information security management system (ISMS) according to DIN EN ISO 27001: 2013:

Principle 1: Responsibility

It is our goal to manufacture safe products of a high quality level using economical production processes and to market them successfully in competition.
The economic benefit must not have priority over human health and safety or the protection of the environment.

Principle 2: Confidentiality

All information that is not public is protected from unauthorized access by authorization.


Principle 3: Integrity

Information is treated in such a way that it is always available in its entirety and unchanged. The sending and receiving of information cannot be denied by anyone (binding nature).
Access to information and to  the non-public area of ​​the organization is only granted to those persons or entities whose identity or other characteristics and their legitimate interest have been proven beyond doubt

Principle 4: Availability

The information and IT systems are operated in such a way that the interested parties requesting information and functions are always available at the required time.

Principle 5: Continuous improvement

The ISMS is checked at least once a year to ensure that it is up to date and effective.

Measures are examined to see whether they are known to the employees being concerned, can be implemented and can be integrated into the operational process.

Principle 6: Dealing with deviations

Deviations are analyzed with the aim of improving the ISMS and keeping it constantly up to date with the latest IT security technology.


Information security policy of Fischer Elektronik in Lüdenscheid | Date: 26.09.2019