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Results in products

  • technical data refer to a water inlet temperature of 23 °C
  • stainless austenitic steel / 1.4404 stainless steel V4A
  • water as a cooling medium without corrosion protection inhibitors
  • suitable liquid pumps and hose systems on request
  • other materials with higher thermal conductivity (nickel) on request
  • version with soldering for PCB mounting on request
  • customer-specific adaptations and designs

 * ground flat

Liquid coolers for circuit board assembly; produced in 3D printing with an AI-optimized heat exchange structure; dissipation of large amounts of heat with little space requirement; particularly suitable for power semiconductors in TO case, SIP Multiwatt and similar; simple and safe component assembly using lock-in retaining springs for transistors from the THFU series; separate cooling circuit on each mounting side; minimized flow pressure losses through optimized heat exchange structure; finely ground semiconductor mounting surfaces with very good flatness and low surface roughness; maximum operating pressure up to 3 bar; max. dissipated power loss with a difference in water temperature (IN = 33 ° C, OUT = 43 ° C) of 670W; simple connection via plastic hoses from the pneumatics area; dimensional adjustments to the given installation conditions

* This information refers to the standard variant of the product, so it might change when another variant is chosen.

Results in variants