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Thermally conductive foil both sides adhesive

  • double-side adhesive thermal conductive foil with good thermal properties
  • coated carrier film with pressure-sensitive acrylate adhesive
  • curing of the adhesive layer can be influenced by temperature and time
  • serves as a substitute for mechanical connections
  • excellent adhesive properties on aluminium and ceramics
  • simple and secure attachment of e.g. heatsinks to electronic devices
  • designs as electrically conductive or electrically insulating thermal conductive foil
  • supplied in sheet and tape form, other forms on request
  • tape width (B) available in different dimensions and lengths
  • 24h sample delivery service for individual production according to customer drawing
  • customised cuts and contours according to drawing specifications
suitable for blanks
non isolations, double-sided adhesive
isolations, double sided adhesive
  • temperature range: permanent up to 100°C
  • peel strength at RT 70°C and 72 h: 5.8 N/cm
  • volume resistance: 3.8·1011 Ω/cm
  • dielectric strength: 26 kV/mm
  • temperature range: permanent up to 80°C
  • peel strength at RT 70°C and 72 h: 15 N/cm
  • dielectric strength: 15 kV/mm
  • double-sided adhesive thermal conductive foil
  • excellent adhesive properties on different materials
  • filling material with ceramic particles
  • very good thermal conductivity and technical performance
  • cuts and contours according to customer’s drawing specifications