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Fluid coolers

Liquid coolers for power modules


Fluid coolers

FLKI 400 G 400

  • Water glycol mixture (60/40); inlet temperature approx. 26 °C

Fluid cooler for dissipating large quantities of heat with low space requirement; effective system to cool power modules; suitable for water pH 6,5-8,5 with anticorrosives, as well as other fluids (eg. oils, alcohols, etc.); compact design with internal fin structure for particularly good heat transfer to the fluid; minimised flow pressure losses; operating excess pressure up to 2 bar possible; thick base plate for optimum heat distribution and to secure the heat-emitting elements; mounting flange for the cooler according to customer's instructions; precisely face milled surface of the component mounting area with very good flatness and low roughness depth; for power modules such as IGBT-modules, thyristor-modules, SCR diode modules, bridge amplifier and others; dimensional modification at specified installation conditions; connections via thread G3/4" or mounting flange according to customer’s specifications; drilling depth into the base panel maximum 17 mm.

To avoid corrosion in the water cooler the cooling fluid has to flow in a closed circuit and it has to contain 40-60 % (preferred is 50 %) anti-corrosive fluids for aluminium, if necessary with anti-freeze. For the choice and approval of the cooling fluid as well as for the possible consequences in the cooling circuit the user is the only liable person. Therefore we exclude any liability for damages caused by the choice or approval of the cooling fluids.

  • Dimensioning and realisation in connection with customer’s specifications
Price on application
400 mm
31 mm
plate thickness:
31 mm
368 mm
EN AW 6060
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