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Brackets for PC

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Brackets for PC from Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG in Luedenscheid, Germany.
For a simple mounting of the conductor-, expansion- and adaptor cards on the back side of a PC case you will need a special bracket for PC, also called slot bracket or card holders. Those are equipped with cut-outs which offer a secure mechanical connection of the I/O connectors and other devices with the PCB. Without a direct connection with the PCB by fixing strap the brackets for PC are used as slot plates on the back side of a PC case. The brackets for PC from Fischer Elektronik are available ex stock in various standard designs: as a PCI-, KHPC or Low Profile card holder, with or without fixing tab, as a closed design or with cut-outs. All brackets for PC can be punched, printed according to customer demands or they can be produced in a different design, i.e. double width. For simplifying the construction of customer specific treatments there are design papers as well as dimensioned drawings of the brackets for PC and PCB mountings available.