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Printed circuit connector

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Design DIL
suitable for connectors FV, SBAU 1
available number of conductors: 32
nominal voltage: 300 Veff max.
conductor: 7 x Ø 0.127mm
operating temperature range: -30 ... + 105°C
conductor cross-section: AWG 28/^ = 0.089 mm²
Bench press
  • height without handle: 28 cm, weight: 9.02 kg
  • the bench press VBK 1 connects all contacts of IDC connector types FLMP, FV, KK, PV, PVY, SB, VFL, DS/DB BK 09-37 in one simple operation
  • the contacts separate the insulation of the flat ribbon cable, whereas a gas-tight and corrosion-proof connection is effected by the construction of the contacts form
Accessories: suitable for flat ribbon cable connectors
  • removable locating frames for every indicated type available