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Design cases
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FR 55 25 80 ME























Design case „FRAME“

contents of delivery: 
1 = 1 x basic profile
2 = 4 x plastic frame (similar RAL 1007)
3 = 2 x seal (similar RAL 7005, no EMV)
4 = 2 x cover plate (2 mm)
5 = mounting material

  • universal aluminium tube case with integrated guide slots for insertion of non-standardised components or printed circuit boards
  • modern design in combination with a shock proof plastic cover and sealing for the use as desk case
  • insertion possibilities for front foils or key pads
  • EMC compatible version due to electrically conductive surfaces and sealings upon request
  • special designs and treatments, modifications and versions acc. to customers specifications
  • other colours and surface treatments upon request

C = available internal lengths +14 mm

In addition to our standard colours (similar to RAL 1007) the plastic plastic covers are also available in the colours beige (similar to RAL 1001), ivory (similar to RAL 1014), sulphur yellow (similar to RAL 1016), blood orange (similar to RAL 2002), pure orange (similar to RAL 2004), flame red (similar to RAL 3000), traffic red (similar to RAL 3020), red violet (similar to RAL 4002), signal blue (similar to RAL 5005), pigeon blue (similar to RAL 5014), azure (similar to RAL 5015), moss-green (similar to RAL 6005), traffic green (similar to RAL 6024), chocolate brown (similar to RAL 8017) and deep black (similar to RAL ).

add to request


80 mm
natural colour anodised