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SMD shrouded male headers in "tape & reel packaging“


Following the trend towards automatic connector assembly by "tape & reel", Fischer Elektronik is from now on offering double row 26-pole SMD shrouded male headers with a grid spacing of 2.54 mm. In addition to this, the headers are also equipped with an assembly aid for safe and precise "pick and place". The connectors are then placed on the circuit board by the corresponding grippers using suction nozzles. The tape is 56 mm wide and each 13“ reel includes 300 units. This also doubles up as the desired minimum order quantity. The insulators of the male headers and the assembly aids are both made from "reflow-solderable", highly temperature-resistant plastic. The contacts are available in two surface finishes: completely tinned or selectively gold-plated. With the selectively gold-plated version, the plug area is gold-plated and the soldering area tin-plated. The complete header conforms with RoHs. The order code for this 26-contact tin-plated version is: ASL 26 SMD Z B TR, and that for the selectively gold-plated version is: ASL 26 SMD G B TR.


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