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SMD Shroud male header in a bar magazine and with pick and place pad

Fischer Elektronik now offer their two-row SMD shroud male header, grid size 2.54 mm, in a bar magazine (...SM) and with pick and place pad (... B SM) for automatic assembly. By means of pick and place robots, it is automatically placed onto the PCB applying vacuum. These headers are available with a fixed number of contacts between 6 and 50. The insulators of the male headers and also the pick and place pads are made from reflow-solderable high temperature resistant plastic. The contacts are available with a completely tin-plated or selectively gold-plated surface, where the insertion side is gold-plated and the soldering side is tin-plated. The complete male header is in conformity with RoHs. Examples of item numbers: a tin-plated header with 20 contacts including pick and place pad and bar magazine has the item no. ASL 20 SMD Z B SM, a selectively gold-plated one ASL 20 SMD G B SM.


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