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SMD-Female headers, grid spacing 2.0 mm, with pick and place pad


For automatic feeding, Fischer Elektronik offer, with immediate effect, one-row and two-row high precision female headers with a grid spacing of 2.0 mm of SMD technology with a pick and place pad and a bar magazine. These are new types of headers By means of a vacuum, the female headers are sucked up onto the pick and place pad and then positioned on the PCB. After soldering, the pick and place pad can be easily pulled off. The range comprises a one-row design with 4-20 contacts and a two-row design with 4-40 contacts. Units with other numbers of contacts are available on request. The insulators and the pick and place pads are made from a plastic with a high-temperature resistance, which is suitable for reflow soldering and is in conformity with RoHs. The contacts are provided with lead-free tin plating, and they are also in conformity with RoHs. The item number for the one-row design with 20 contacts is BLY 5 SMD 20 B SM and for the two-row design with 40 contacts, BLY 8 SMD 40 B SM.


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