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Single-row female header for LED and SMD applications with low installation height


For applications with integrated power and signal transmission company Fischer Elekronik offers mixed grid female headers in grid pattern 2,54 / 5,08mm and 2,00 / 5,08mm from now on.

As the applications become increasingly smaller and more compact Fischer Elektronik found an ideal remedy with their low profile female headers in grid pattern 2,54mm. Here a high temperature resistant plastic is used which is suitable for the reflow soldering process. Due to the design of the insulator a so called “stucking behind” is prevented. The bifurcated contacts can be used for plugging 0.5 – 0.7mm square contact pins. Those are made of phosphorus bronze.

For horizontal mounting of PCBs our BL LP 7 SMD … are designed. These are single-row horizontal SMD versions which are offered in number of contacts 2-20.

On the contrary our BL LP 8 LED SMD … and BL LP 9 LED ... find an application in the lighting industry which are usually sold in small numbers of contacts. By using a natural colored white LCP plastic no light is absorbed and a shadow formation is avoided. Single-row female headers in number of contacts 1-36 for the THT design and number of contacts 1-20 for the SMD design are available. Different number of contacts are available upon request.


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