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Rear panel "RKL" with fastening for mounting rail


For quick and easy installation of a case on a DIN rail according to DIN EN 60715 TH 35, the so-called top hat rail, company Fischer Elektronik has developed a back panel with integrated top hat rail fastening. With the new RKL ... rear panel there is a possibility to attach different case designs from Fischer Elektronik to a top hat rail now. The robust rear panel, consisting of an extruded aluminum profile, has a specially developed contour, which is suitable for the different thicknesses of the DIN rail according to DIN EN 60715 TH 35 (1 mm to 2.3 mm). The snap-in of the case onto the top-hat rail is made possible by the pressed-in stainless steel wire spring and thus guarantees a secure and tight fit.

The position of the clip on the RKL ... was chosen so that the case is positioned in the center of the top-hat rail. The case back panel RKL ... is offered in the standard portfolio for 22 different cases. It is milled to the respective case contour and size and replaces the case cover panel on the back. The customer can choose between three different surfaces: natural color anodized (ME), black anodized (SA) or electrically conductive transparent passivated (TP). Other sizes, surface treatments or additional mechanical processing are realized according to customer specifications.

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