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Pin-fin heatsinks


Pin-fin heat sinks of the ICKS series made by Fischer Elektronik are an innovation in the field of heatsinks. These compact heatsinks, fabricated with a large number of specially arranged pins are designed to provide optimum air throughput. Their material properties as well as their geometry and structure make these heatsinks highly efficient in dissipating heat from electronic components with free and in particular with forced convection. This is due to the fact that the material used for these heatsinks, i.e. aluminium (Al99.5), has very high thermal conductivity (>220W/mK) and that in the manufacturing process a homogeneous material composition and structure is produced in the direction of the heat flow, which ensures rapid and uniform distribution of heat in the base and in the pins. Despite their lower weight, these pin-type heatsinks exhibit a significantly better heat dissipation than pin-fin heatsinks of the same size made from extruded section or especially from die-cast aluminium. Pin-fin heatsinks are fastened to the component from which heat is to be dissipated by means of thermally conductive adhesive, thermally conductive foil or special clamps. In addition to their standard range of ICKS pin-fin heatsinks of various widths and heights, which is constantly being enlarged, Fischer Elektronik offer customer-specific solutions.


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