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The leading manufacturer of heatsinks, thermal conductive materials, cases and connectors.
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New three-piece catalogue


For the first time the new Fischer catalogue is released in three single part catalogues showing our three product groups. This new design will facilitate the finding and the classification of each product of our extensive product range. The three catalogues are the following:


  • for extruded heatsinks, heat conductive material and accessories

  • f.con for connectors, optoelectronic components and so on

  • for 19” Technology and cases

The 322 page catalogue contains information on more than 500 extruded heatsinks, processor heatsinks, finger-shaped heatsinks and other small heatsinks, cooling aggregates, thermally conductive materials as well as installation accessories.Special slip-on heatsinks for transistors, heatsinks with snap-intransistor retaining springs as well as special compact miniature cooling aggregates are outstanding innovations. All items are available as a customized design.



The 312 page f.con catalogue contains details of sockets for ICs, PCB connectors (including those with a number of poles to suit customers' requirements) in grids of 6; 2.54; 2.00; 1.27; 1.00 and 0.80 mm as well as ribbon cable and D-Sub connectors for soldering, SMD and press fit mounting. Furthermore, it includes more than 1,000 card holders for PC as well as special design sheets, if the specific type required is missing.Optoelectronic components such as LED holders or flexible light pipes complement the range.

The 220 page catalogue contains details of aluminium cases for Euro cards, small cases and an extensive 19“ modular case system. The 'Rail' and 'Eurotainer' standard cases in a modern, innovative design as well as new IEEE subassemblies are the outstanding new items. All products are available as a customized design (perforation, imprint, special sizes, and individual colours).


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