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New SMT / THR male header "Mixed Technology" with a
grid pattern of 2.54 mm


Connectors are increasingly exposed to high levels of vibration. With the new mixed technology male header company Fischer Elektronik has expanded its product range with a 2.54 mm grid pattern. The special feature here is the combination of two technologies in one insulating body which can be processed simultaneously using the reflow soldering process. The first row (THR) provides a high level of stability against vibrations due to the contacts angled by 90° while the second row (SMT) makes contact with the respective conductor tracks on the surface of the PCB.
For this newly established two-row male header there are article versions with three different plug-in dimensions available. These are types SL 28 SMD THR 058 …, SL 28 SMD THR 083 … and SL 28 SMD THR 109 … which are offered in a horizontal version and available with 4-40 contacts. When choosing the contact surface you can choose between tin-plated or gold-plated designs.
A copper-tin alloy (CuSn) is used as a contact material. This can transmit a nominal current of up to 3 A / contact. The insulating body is made of a high-temperature-resistant thermoplastic in order to withstand the temporary high temperatures of up to 260 °C during the reflow soldering process.
This material is dimensionally stable and has good mechanical properties when using filler materials.
The materials being used comply with EU Directive 2015/863 / EU (RoHS) and the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH).


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