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New SMD male header with a 1.27 mm grid pattern (SLV W 5 SMD)


To keep up with the trend towards miniaturization company Fischer Elektronik has developed another SMD male header with a grid pattern of 1.27 mm.

The product portfolio with a grid pattern of 1.27 mm was expanded to include the two-row male header with part number "SLV W 5 SMD 036 ...". With a plug dimension of 3.6 mm the total length of the male contact is 11.5 mm. This male header serves as an extension to the single-row horizontal SMD male header "SLV W 3 SMD ...".

The SLV W 5 SMD 036 ... is offered with numbers of contacts of min. 4 to max. 40 contacts. When choosing the contact surface you can choose between galvanically tin-plated or gold-plated designs. A copper-zinc alloy (CuZn) is used as a contact material to ensure high current conductivity with those small pin cross sections of □ 0.4 mm.

A high temperature resistant thermoplastic is used for the insulating body to withstand the high temperatures of up to 260° C during the reflow soldering process.


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