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New finger shaped heatsinks "FK 259 - FK 282"


More frequently power semiconductors are not handled separately from control and signal processing, but directly used on the functional PCB. The heat loss of those devices is not trivial at all and therefore needs efficient concepts for heat dissipation. The known cooling concepts are the traditionally used heatsinks which are mounted to the electronic devices and thus cools those precisely. Furthermore a simple, secure and fast mounting of the heatsinks to the device to be cooled is demanded beside the efficient heat dissipation. Specially for this type of heat dissipation of electronic devices on the PCB company Fischer Elektronik extends their wide product portfolio by altogether 72 different versions of finger shaped heatsinks. As a synonym for the term finger shaped heatsink the term “board level heatsink” was manifested among experts. The board level heatsinks of series FK 259 up to FK 282 are made of highly heat conducting copper material. The fundamental structure consists of a base plate which simultaneously presents the contact area of the device and is therefore connected to the device to be cooled. Distantly and connected to this contact area the straight or angled cooling tabs form the overall geometry. A thermotechnical optimal connection and mounting of the device takes place by retaining clips which are already integrated in the production process which assures an optimal heat transfer between the electrical device and the finger shaped heatsink by using a high contact pressure. For solder mounting the board level heatsink to the PCB, also integrated solder pins are available for the horizontal or vertical mounting whereby the total package heatsink / device is mounted to the PCB and additionally mechanically stabilized. The solderable surface coating of the new designs is done according to the EC directive RoHS and guarantees an excellent solderability for wave and reflow soldering. The new board level heatsinks of the series FK 259 up to FK 282 are, depending on the performance class, thermally matched to the most popular transistor designs, such as TO 220 up to TO 247 as well as SIP Multiwatt and several more and allow excellent possibilities for heat dissipation on smallest mounting space.

Further modifications and special designs are realized according to customer specifications.

The product specialists at Fischer Elektronik will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have or any additional information you require.


Our service enables you to download the photoprint version (300dpi).

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