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New connector series in grid 1,27 mm x 1,27 mm


Electronic assemblies are designed more and more compact. Therefore the used grids of the connectors is becoming a lot smaller. The grid 1.27 mm is increasing steadily in importance.

Company Fischer Elektronik has arranged a new series of double-rowed connectors in grid 1.27 mm x 1.27 mm in this range. As designs we set up connectors in straight version: SLV W 4 055 … up to SLV W 4 130 … in four different contact lengths, in angled design: SLV W 4 KA 036 … and SLV W KA 060 … in two different contact lengths and in SMD version SLV W 4 SMD 048 … and SLV W 4 SMD 073 … in two different contact lengths. The possible number of contacts are available from 4 to 72 for the THT designs and 4 to 40 for the SMD designs. The contacts are made of a copper-zinc-alloy (CuZn) with a square dimension of 0.4 mm. Surfaces in gold-plated or tin-plated coatings are offered.

The temperature resistance of those connectors is basically designed and suited for reflow-soldering process. Machine compatible packings is more and more getting a requirement for orders, especially for SMD designs. Here the use of the appropriate “Tape and Reel” packings is crystallised.


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