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Individual colouring for Frame design case


Modern design in combination with the right functional properties is an important factor when selecting cases for accommodating PCBs or non standardized electronic components. Exacting demands from purchasers are met by Frame design cases made by Fischer Elektronik, which can be coloured to suit individual requirements. Fischer Elektronik have extended their range of colours for shock-proof plastic which, together with an integral seal, ensure safe use as a table case.

In addition to the standard colour (similar to RAL 1007), the cases are available in beige (similar to RAL 1001), ivory (similar to RAL 1014), sulphur yellow (similar to RAL 1016), vermilion (similar to RAL 2002), pure orange (similar to RAL 2004), flame red (similar to RAL 3000), traffic red (similar to RAL 3020), red violet (similar to RAL 4002), signal blue (similar to RAL 5005), pigeon blue (similar to RAL 5014), sky blue (similar to RAL 5015), moss green (similar to RAL 6005), traffic green (similar to RAL 6024), chocolate brown (similar to RAL 8017) and signal black (similar to RAL 9004). Other colours for the plastic coatings or seals, surface treatments, imprints, and other forms of mechanical processing as well as special designs are produced to meet customers' specifications.


For any enquiries or further details, please contact the Fischer Elektronik product specialists. They will be pleased to give you any advice you may require.



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