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Variable designable high-performance heatsink "HPK ..."


Constantly increasing power densities in electronics and power electronics require the use of efficient heat dissipation methods in order to meet the component lifetime specified by the manufacturer. Classic high-performance extruded heatsinks often reach their limits in terms of heat dissipation with high performance losses due to their geometry and their structure. The so-called high-performance heatsinks have been developed and designed especially for the heat dissipation of larger power losses with natural convection. Especially for such applications company Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG is expanding its wide product range of different types of high-performance heatsinks by the HPK series ... High-performance heatsinks of this design are used for heat dissipation with higher power losses and the need for larger semiconductor mounting areas.

Due to the complexity and the difficulty of manufacturing (fin ratio and spacing) the heatsink structure consists of a single extruded cooling fin, which contains a special tongue and groove system in the fin base. Depending on the requested heatsink width the individual cooling fins can be thermotechnically optimal combined with each other using this press-fit geometry. Fin heights of 60, 80, 100, 120 and 140mm are available for the design of a high-performance heatsink from the HPK ... series. The maximum heatsink width that can be achieved is 350mm whereby the length of the heatsink is cut according to customer-specific requirements or specially produced depending on the quantity. The high-performance heatsinks produced in this way are suitable for both, free and forced convection. The massive heatsink base with a material thickness of 12 mm acts as a semiconductor mounting surface and leads to a better heat distribution within the entire heatsink.

The semiconductor mounting surface of the high-performance heatsink HPK ... is milled flat as a standard which means that a special quality is achieved with regard to flatness and roughness. The described manufacturing process provides an individually designable modular system for high-performance heatsinks. The respective high-performance heatsink can be adapted directly to the application and guarantees a thermally optimal designed heatsink solution.

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