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Extension of miniature cooling aggregates


The so-called miniature cooling aggregates are very efficient and reasonable to use for dissipating heat in larger amounts in smallest space. The combination of a fin structure, optimized in terms of flow technology, in connection with powerful fans leads to a significantly greater heat dissipation per volume unit than natural convection. To this end, Fischer Elektronik is expanding its existing product range of miniature cooling aggregates with the LAM 6 and LAM 6 K design. The new versions have the dimensions 60x60mm and are available for transistor screw mounting or special clip mounting. The basic profile of the miniature cooling aggregates consists of one piece and is manufactured using the aluminum extrusion process. The basic structure of the individual cross sections consists of a circumferential rectangular base frame with a material thickness of 5.5 mm, which also serves as a component mounting surface. For better heat dissipation of the power loss arising on the device, the semiconductor mounting surfaces on the back, which means inside the closed channel structure, have an additional cooling fin geometry. This absorbs the heat given off by the device and dissipates it to the inner air of the chamber structure. The axial fans, which are adapted to the channel structure of the aluminum profile, are of very high quality and can be installed in mounting holes which are already integrated in the profile.

The new miniature cooling aggregates LAM 6 and LAM 6 K are optionally available with the fan voltages 12V, 24V and 48V, depending on the customer's requirements. On the LAM 6, device assembly is made by using the classic screw mounting using additional threads, or on the LAM 6 K using so-called snap-in transistor retaining springs. Designs of the LAM K series contain a special groove geometry in the lateral semiconductor mounting surfaces, which means that the device can be securely and quickly attached to the semiconductor mounting surface using snap-in transistor retaining springs that are also adapted to the geometry. The respective contact pressure achieved by the springs provides an optimal heat transfer between the device and the unit. The universal snap-in transistor retaining springs THFU 1-7 have been developed for the transistor designs TO 218, TO 220, TO 247, TO 264 and various SIP Multiwatt as well as hole-free power transistors. After installing the snap-in transistor retaining spring, regardless of the type of mounting, the spring stays in place and fixes the transistor on the mounting surface with high contact pressure. Falling out in the transverse direction is not possible due to the overall construction.

Additional mechanical CNC processing, modifications or special designs and surfaces are realized according to customer-specific specifications.

The product specialists at Fischer Elektronik will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have or any additional information you require.


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