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Extension of the delivery programme for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 sockets


In the industry data has to be transmitted fast and reliable between machines and peripheral devices as well as the technical administration.

For those and further areas of application company Fischer Elektronik introduced the standardized USB 2.0 sockets type A in 4 versions, type B in 3 versions and USB 3.0 type A in 2 versions in their delivery programme. The currently most installed types in the industry and multimedia industry are USB 2.0 type A sockets with article number „USB 2 A …“, in horizontal, vertical and in upright soldering technology as well as in horizontal SMD soldering technology which are also available for delivery from now on.

The USB 2.0 type B sockets which are commonly used as an interface between printers and computers are also available with part number „USB 2 B …“, in upright or horizontal soldering technology as well as in horizontal SMD soldering technology.

As an equivalent option to the USB 2.0 type A sockets and USB 3.0 type A sockets our article code "USB 3 A …" in horizontal and vertical soldering technology is also available with higher data rates due to 6 instead of 2 data lines.

For a machine compatible feeding the packing designs in form of trays and “Tape and Reel” are also available, depending on the requested quantity.


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