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Extension of combination cases for 160 mm PCBs


The versatile application range of electronic assemblies and electronic components requires flexible case designs with various functional properties. In order to satisfy this growing demand on the market company Fischer Elektronik has extended the product range of combination cases with three additional case profiles. Combination cases from Fischer Elektronik consist of two extruded aluminium profiles which are combined with each other by a tongue-and-groove system and closed by a cover panel of 2mm thickness. The new profiles KO RL 2, KO TL 2 and KO LL 2 extend the versatile use of the cases with more useful functions. The KO RL 2 profile contains a heatsink being integrated in the case contour which has got a bottom thickness of 4,5 mm. This profile is particularly suitable for applications on which heat is dissipated to the environment directly over the case. The new KO LL 2 case profile brings along an integral mounting bracket which allows a vertical mounting of the cases for example to a machine back panel. The KO TL 2 profile contains a support rail holder being incorporated in the contour. With help of a permanently pressed in steel spring in this holder the case can be mounted on a standard mounting rail TS 35 acc. to EN 60715 uncomplicatedly. Integrated inboard guide slots with 1,8 mm thickness with grid 5,08mm allow an insertion of euroboard cards with a width of 160mm, whereas also smaller PCBs can be inserted with help of special press-fit components as well. As a standard the cases are available in 6 lengths (100, 120, 160, 200, 220, 234 mm) as well as 4 different surface finishes. In addition to the standard designs the combination cases can be machined according to customer’s specifications, surface-treated and printed.


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