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Cases for Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ und Raspberry Pi 4 Model B​


The single-board computer Raspberry Pi is available in many different designs. A small design is the Raspberry Pi 3 model A+ and the latest design is the Raspberry Pi 4 model B which is more powerful than the predecessors. For those two models Fischer Elektronik adapted the existing RSP 1 (case for Raspberry Pi 2 model B, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B und B+. For the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Fischer Elektronik is now offering the case RSP 2, while you have to choose the case RSP 3 for the Raspberry Pi 4 model B.

The solid case consists of an upper and lower shell which is made of a stamped and bent aluminium sheet with 1,5mm thickness. Each PCB is mounted to the lower shell with help of M2,5 oval head screws on four spacer bushes made of steel. A quick access into the cases is allowed by mounting the upper shell to the lower shell with only one screw and the tongue-and-groove system on the front side of the case. Due to this easy assembly construction a simple access to the GPIO-contacts of the Raspberry is ensured. The access to the microSD card slot is possible from the outside so that an opening of the case is not necessary. The ventilation slots in the upper and lower shell ensure a good heat dissipation which is an advantage especially for the Raspberry Pi 4 model B. The highly clocked processor with four cores is the main heat source of this model. Due to the natural convection the heat exchange with the environment can take place. If required the RSP cases can be equipped with a slip-resistant, single-side adhesive, transparent device base. If a wall mounting is needed, fastening clips (option L) can be selected, for RSP 1 and RSP 3 fitting to the standard monitor bracket VESA MIS-D 75 x 75. A fixing of mounting rail is also possible with the option KL.

The decorative appearance of the case is reached with the anodized surface. Completely natural coloured (ME) and black (SA) anodized cases are available. For all other standard colours the lower shells are black anodized while the upper shells are natural colour (MS), blue (B, similar to RAL 5015), red (R, similar to RAL 3001) or orange gold (OG, similar to RAL 1028) anodized. Additionally the special delivery programme contains the colours green (similar to RAL 6032) as well as purple (similar to RAL 4008).

The scope of delivery of the case contains the upper as well as the lower shell, screws for mounting the PCB and for the connection of the upper and lower shell as well as slip-resistant, single-side adhesive device base. With the option L, fastening clips, 2 clips are delivered and with option KL a fixing of mounting rail and related screws is supplied.

The product specialists at Fischer Elektronik will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have or any additional information you require.

Our service enables you to download the photoprint version (300dpi).


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