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19“ rack housings with small depth


For electronic devices with low space requirement or for applications with limited assembly space in a 19” rack company Fischer Elektronik offers a 19” rack housing with small depth, the VESA GT. Due to the low installation depth the assembly space in the 19” rack, which is positioned behind the VESA GT, can be perfectly used for other devices or wirings. Typical applications of the VESA GT are the ones with displays and control elements. The installation of a terminal or connector strip for the power supply and a variety of other applications are also possible.

The case has a simple and solid structure made of a front panel consisting of an extruded aluminium profile and a cover plate being made of an aluminium metal sheet with a thickness of 1,5mm. Catalogue versions of the VESA GT cases are available in seizes of 1U up to 3U as well as with an insertion depth of 50mm or 70mm. The surface of the VESA GT is natural colour anodized (ME) as a standard design. When using a conductive surface TP (transparent passivated) and additionally screw connections being placed in small intervals the use of the VESA GT case for EMC purposes is possible. Optional handles simplify the extraction of the case out of the 19” rack and the design with ventilations slots allows an optimum heat dissipation of the installed electronic.

Beside of the standard designs the new cases can be produced in different dimensions, surfaces as well as with printings or further customised machinings.



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