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New connector catalogue f.con.e


The new connector catalogue f.con.e from company Fischer Elektronik is available now.
In addition to the long-established articles from the fields of: sockets, PCB connectors, flat ribbon cable connectors, D-Sub connectors, brackets for PC and optoelectronics, you will find various new products from all product groups in the latest f.con.
The innovations include male headers with a combination of the soldering methods THR and SMT, for precise positioning on the PCB. In addition, 1-row and 2-row male connector designs with a grid pattern of 1.27 mm have been developed. These male headers have a sandwich construction and are available for the THT and SMT soldering technologies. The category of D-Sub connectors is extended by connector solutions and protective hoods in addition to other mixed-layout connectors and high-current contacts. Especially in the field of D-Sub hoods, Fischer Elektronik offers a wide range of products with different cable outlets, surfaces and mounting options.
In the optoelectronics field there has been a significant expansion of light guides for SMD devices. Both, the available standard lengths and new geometries, have been added to the product portfolio. In particular, light guides in 4-fold design with straight and angled light output have been added.
You can request the newly published f.con.e product catalogue conveniently on our website as a paper version, download it as a PDF file or browse through it directly on the Internet as a flip page online catalogue.

Please contact us. For further information and enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team and technical advisors at Fischer Elektronik.

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