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High demand for connectors in the "Tape & Reel" packaging


A form of packaging suitable for machines plays an increasingly important role in the area of ​​connectors. Not just bar magazines, but increasingly inquiries and orders for tape & reel packaging have noticeably increased in recent years. In this regards Fischer Elektronik has acted and expanded its existing Tape & Reel designs by numerous types. Not only male and female headers, but also shroud male headers are offered in various numbers of contacts in this optional packaging. In order to make the variety of different reels bearable and economical, reasonable combinations of several numbers of contacts for the individual type series are combined in one reel. Not only the common SMD components are packed in Tape & Reel, but there are also reel solutions that are offered in THT or THR designs.Depending on the type of connector a “pick and place” assembly aid or a Kapton point is applied for better handling, which are removed again after the soldering process. We also develop and produce customer-specific reel solutions specifically for your application.


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