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Expansion of range of small aluminium enclosures for 100 mm Eurocards


The diverse range of applications of electronic assemblies and electronic components requires enclosures with a special design and various functional properties. First and foremost, these are attractive desktop enclosures, but also enclosures with very good heat dissipation properties as well as with a mounting option on vertical surfaces or in an environment with vibration disturbances. To this end, Fischer Elektronik has added six new variants to their existing range of small aluminium enclosures for PCBs in 100 mm widths.

The practical and attractive AKG 105 ... enclosures consist of two aluminium profile half-shells, which are placed against each other in a special geometry to form a tube and fixed in place by means of front panels. Internal guide grooves integrated in the profiles allow direct insertion of Eurocards with a width of 100 mm, although smaller PCBs can also be accommodated with the aid of special press-in fasteners. For wall and ceiling mounting, enclosure profiles with integrated fixing lugs are used. For applications where the heat dissipation of the electronic components is particularly difficult due to a high component density, enclosure versions are offered with the likewise integrated, external cooling fins. As standard, the AKG aluminium small enclosures for Eurocards are available in nineteen different versions, six lengths (in 80, 100, 120, 160, 200, 220 mm), as well as in two different surface finishes (natural-coloured and black anodised). In addition to the standard versions, AKG enclosures can be mechanically processed, surface-treated and printed according to customer specifications.

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